About Us

The company was set up as D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD in 1987, promoted by Shri. Daulat Ram Kashyap the founder, to undertake manufacturing of plywood, shuttering plywood, flush doors shutters. The company began life as manufacturers has successfully supplied material to prestigious Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Residential and Hospital construction projects.
Our Company is emerging as a dominant force in manufacturing of film face plywood, flush doors, hdf skin doors shutters specifically used in construction work and residential housing projects. The company’s ever-enlarging footprint across the country is being experienced by the whole nation. Trusted over two decades (20 years) with sound reputation for delivering maximum value for money in the material developed by them.
D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD is constantly working towards creating new benchmarks of excellence in the present global environment. In this new environment, the demand for multi-faceted material has become crucial for keeping pace with the progress. Capitalizing on these demand dynamics, we at D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD have always taken new initiatives and emerged as one of the prominent entities in manufacturing plywood, flush doors in the country over the last 20 years maintaining the best quality standards and supplying / delivering the material as per commitments.
D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD business philosophy derives its core strength from a firm belief that lays stress on induction of state-of-the-art engineering techniques and use of top quality materials. This results in cost effective and holistic solutions specific to quality oriented people who are aware of the quality standards and would want to apply the same to their business. D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD with its unparalleled business approach & vision is persistently working to create value for its customer and business partners using human power and by harnessing the technological prowess, today, D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD is all set to expand its manufacturing facilities and create edifices that will be the benchmark in the plywood industry.
We value our customers and strive for customer-focused approach in our key business decisions. Driven by continual improvement, we provide Quality solutions to meet the customer requirements for their business, commercial and other related needs.
With our concern for Environment, we ensure optimum utilization of natural resources to minimize adverse impacts from all our business operations. We strongly believe in principles of sustainable development and are exploring opportunities for such initiatives in our business. We undertake compliance with all legal, statutory and other requirements through periodic checks.

Our Vision

Create a progressive organization matching quality standards and maintaining integrity, high ethical standards and transparency and provide an environment of professionalism, competence, teamwork, and service excellence:
  • To cater to the real needs of a growing population.
  • To improve and set standards of man’s environment
  • To deliver value for money & good investmetn returns
  • To respond to the evolution of man’s requirements
  • To give focus to customer relationship & satisfaction
  • D.K.PLYWOOD (P) LTD has supplied material to Integrated Townships, Group Housing, Shopping Malls, IT Parks and Commercial Projects all over India.

We do all scale and kind of projects across Pan India for

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Developers
  • Contractors and
  • Upscale properties